How is one trader able to
produce over 100% returns
year after year?

Performance of TFST Portfolio vs. Major Indices

There are plenty of financial claims on the Internet, but if you dig a little further, you’ll notice the claims typically use hypothetical returns or back-tested results…

However, the returns above are REAL TRADES with fully documented portfolio results!

So how can one man find stocks that make huge moves and consistently outperform the "brightest minds" on Wall Street? The answer is simple—RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE.

While the talking heads talk, “the best keep secret on Wall Street” is meticulously combing through a tremendous amount of information to identify and find trades that meet his criteria for enormous upside potential.

The Focused Stock Trader has perfected his research during his nearly 50 years on Wall Street. He and his team spend days on end scouring every piece of information they can get their hands on—financial publications, hi-tech journals, medical journals, balance sheets, press releases, live events, etc.

It’s how he finds stocks that fly under most traders’ radar. When you look at the trades above, how many of these companies are you familiar with?

At any given time, he can be evaluating investment opportunities in robotics, biotech, internet, the connected home, drones, healthcare… you get the picture, he’s looking for trades ANYWHERE he sees upside potential.

After identifying potential stocks, The Focused Stock Trader and his team use their decades of knowledge to figure out entries, price targets, and most importantly, stops—so you don’t have to!

So, who is The Focused Stock Trader?

The day Harris Shapiro, The Focused Stock Trader, aka “the best kept secret on Wall Street“, turned 21 and graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he was offered a job at a regional stock brokerage firm. Instantly he knew that he had found his calling. In a two year period, he was a successful stock broker.

Harris went on to join several investment banking firms where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, private placements, and raising money for startups. He also served as CEO of well-known art firm, Dyansen.

Throughout an impressive career on and off Wall Street, The Focused Stock Trader continued to refine both his relentless research and his trading…

Top Ten Trades For 2015

Could you use the research and guidance of The Focused Stock Trader?

As a labor of love and a way to better track his research and trades, Harris started a stock advisory letter for his friends and family years ago. In 2010, things clicked and his friends were simply blown away by the results they were seeing. After a couple years of urging by friends to open up his newsletter to the world, in 2013 The Focused Stock Trader service was born.

Until now, The Focused Stock Trader has grown his newsletter to a respectable following of friends of friends, through only word of mouth and referrals from current members. But for a limited time, he is offering his service to new subscribers!

“I’ve been a subscriber since April 2014 and what a ride it’s been! I have in the past subscribed to a number of investment newsletters and advisory services and blown a lot of money along the way, without any tangible results to show. Thus far I can see real results in my portfolio which sometimes is hard to believe…”

Lance J.

Still not convinced? In 2013 his portfolio resulted in +200% profit, in 2014 it did even better!

By joining the TFST family, you’ll receive:

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“I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about The Focused Stock Trader from a colleague…after about a month, I finally signed up, followed along for about week and was blown away. My first trade recommended by TFST, “FIT”, easily covered a yearly subscription! I only wish I would have signed up sooner!”

Kenny S.