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Welcome To The Focused Stock Trader

Dear Investor,

We would like to welcome you to "The Focused Stock Trader".

For investors looking for high quality investment ideas with strong fundamentals to support them, look no further than the “The Focused Stock Trader” as an invaluable resource of investment information. Our approach combines fundamental and technical analysis in order to introduce fresh and successful ideas to our readers.

"The Focused Stock Trader" focuses on individual stocks and sectors that are ready to be discovered which allows our readers to take advantage of opportunities early on. 

We look forward to being an important part of your investment research library.

Our Results for 2013

The top ten transactions all had a high at least 70% above The Focused Stock Trader’s recommendation price. OVERALL, THE TOP TEN RECOMMENDATIONS HIGH PRICE HAD AN AVERAGE RETURN OF 168% ABOVE THE FOCUSED STOCK TRADER’S INITIAL RECOMMENDATION PRICE.

This record may not be duplicated in 2014. Please see Our Results page for our full results.

Our Results for the First Half of 2014

The first half of 2014 was great for The Focused Stock Trader. To recap, there were 211 transactions with an average return per transaction of 9.11%. The average holding period was under 12 days leading to a total annualized return of 284%. Of the 211 transactions, 123 were profitable. The large number of transactions was the result of our strict stop loss policy.

Our Big Winners in Q1 2014

PLUG-Up 517%

FCEL-UP 225%

BLDP-Up 189%

GTAT-Up 107%

RGSE-Up 87%

SUNE-Up 67%

*All fully documented in our archives


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